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A Day with the Wiggles
Game Cover Art


24 November 1998

Produced by

Dataworks Australia
Plastic Wax

Developed by

Multimedia 21 Fund - Cinemedia

"A Day with the Wiggles" was the first Wiggles game to be made. It was published by Dataworks and developed by Plastic Wax and released on 24th November 1998 the day when the Toot Toot Show! was being performed in Melbourne.

This game won the Dataworks Award for Best Children's Game in 1998.


Come and join Anthony, Murray, Greg, Jeff and their friends in this entertaining and educational CD-ROM Activity Centre. With 12 fun games and lively songs and music, children will revisit the program time after time. Featuring beautiful 3D animation and plenty of adventure. A Day with The Wiggles is sure to be a hit with Wiggles fans of all ages.

Games include:


Welcome to A Day With The Wiggles, an activity centre CD - ROM for ages three and up. This program lets children join Anthony, Murray, Greg, Jeff and friends in 12 interactive games and plenty of lively songs and music. The activities address a variety of skills including memory building, following instructions, letter recognition, colour recognition, musical exploration and visual creativity. They also capture that special magic that has made The Wiggles Australia's most popular children's entertainers.

Main Menu

The main menu of the program provides a view of Wiggle Town. From here, you can click on any one of the 12 hot spots to play an interactive game. Each game has an introductory segment in which one of The Wiggles or their friends explains the activity. Exit animations follow the completion of each activity. Click the mouse at any time during an animation if you wish to bypass it. To finish the game, click the Stop sign at the bottom right of the screen.


A Day With The Wiggles was released in 1998 on PC and Mac computers. It was developed by Plastic Wax with the assistance of the Multimedia 21 Fund - Cinemedia and published by Dataworks.


No 1 Best Seller Award - Dataworks 1998

Finalist - Best Children's Entrainment - ATOM Awards 1999

Best Game of 1999 - AIMIA Awards 1999




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