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Anthony Silvestrini is a male person named after his uncle. He has a brother named Leonardo and a sister named Sofia. Today, he's now a singer.

About Anthony Silvestrini

Gender: Male

Aged: (4-8)

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Birthday: March 25, 1987

Family: Lives with his brother Leonardo Silvestrini and his sister Sofia Silvestrini

Hobbies: Singing, Playing with Trains, and Dancing


Anthony Silvestrini's outfits

  • a teal, indigo, and red-purple sweater, and teal and indigo pants.
  • a red sweater.
  • a red and white stripe shirt and blue shirt, with a collar, and white jean shorts.
  • a thomas the tank engine t-shirt.
  • a maroon and blue checkerboard shirt with buttons. and a black cap.
  • a pale blue and black scribbles on his shirt, and black short pants.
  • a elf costume.
  • a wise men costume.
  • a white t-shirt with a maroon tie, and black pants.
  • a blue t-shirt with green shorts, and a red party hat.


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