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"Archie's Theme" is a song from the first Wiggles album from 1991. It was adapted from the music piece, "Summer Dance". this song was an Arranged Version of Summer Dance.

Song Credits

Original Version

Edited Version

  • Original Music, Original Idea and Music Adaptation: Phillip Wilcher
  • Arrangement: Anthony Field
  • Editor: KevinSquidy
  • Publisher: EMI Music
  • Copyright: Universal Music Group


  • Bass - Murray Cook
  • Piano - Phillip Wilcher


Original Version

07 Archie's Theme

Edited Version

07 Archie's Theme (Edited Version, Final)


  • The original version is in mono, then later on August 26th, 2017, Kevin French made an edited version of this song while separating the song's music to make a stereo mix.

Album Appearances

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