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Ballerina, Ballerina is a song from The Wiggles Movie.

The guitar is added on the soundtrack version.


John Field wrote this song about ballerinas.


Roger Lemke sings while Paul Paddick provides the backing vocals, Murray Cook plays the bass, Terry Murray plays the acoustic guitar, Jeff Fatt plays the piano]], Maria Schattovits plays the violin, Angela Lindsay plays the viola, Margaret Lindsay plays the cello, and Dominic Lindsay plays the trumpet.

Song Credits

1997 Version

2015 Version

The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra Version


The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack

The Wiggles Movie

  • Vocals - Roger Lemke
  • Backing Vocals - Paul Paddick
  • Dorothy's Voice - Carolyn Ferrie
  • Bass - Murray Cook
  • Piano - Jeff Fatt
  • Violin - Maria Schattovits
  • Viola - Angela Lindsay
  • Cello - Margaret Lindsay
  • Trumpet - Dominic Lindsay
  • Sound Effects - Hanna Barbera Sound Ideas

2015 Version

Song Lyrics

Ballerina, Ballerina
Ballerina, Ballerina
Pirouette, temps le ve, Pas de chat
Et Fouette, Et Foutette

See the dancing ballerina
See her jump in the air
Soubre, sauts, et Aventre chat, Allegro,
Allegro, Allegro

Pirouette, temps le ve, Pas de chat
Et Fouette, Et Foutette
Et Fouette, Et Foutette

Video Appearance

Album Appearance

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