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Big Red Car (album)
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February 20, 1995


September 1994 - January 1995


Children's music




The Wiggles



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"Big Red Car" (titled "Dance Party" in North America) is the 5th Wiggles album, released on February 20, 1995. It won the 1995 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album. The accompanying video was released on September 11, 1995.

The album was re-issued in 2006 as Here Comes the Big Red Car, with some tracks removed or replaced with new recordings, and new ones added.


  1. Wags the Dog - (J.Field, M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 2:42
  2. Henry's Dance - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 1:51
  3. Five Little Joeys - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 1:48
  4. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 1:34
  5. Di Dicki Do Dum - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 1:33
  6. Cows (Spoken) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:20
  7. I'm a Cow - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:31
  8. Bouncing Ball (Spoken) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:12
  9. Brown Girl in the Ring - (F.Fairan) - 1:35
  10. Dorothy's Dance Party - (J.Field) - 2:15
  11. The Four Presents - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 2:39
  12. My Holiday At The Beach (Spoken) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:10
  13. On Your Holiday - (M.Perry) - 1:33 [Australian version only]
  14. Teddy Bear Hug - (R.Cavoukian, B.Simpson) - 1:55 [Australian version only]
  15. Big Red Car - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 1:49
  16. My Hat (Spoken) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:08
  17. Hat On My Head - (J.Field, A.Field) - 1:11
  18. Here We Go Dorothy - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 2:41
  19. Do the Flap - (J.Field, T.Henry, M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 2:26
  20. Pufferbillies - (L.Ricks, S.Gaillard) - 0:40
  21. Joannie Works with One Hammer - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:47
  22. Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 2:12
  23. My New Shoes - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:42
  24. I am a Dancer - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:58
  25. Look At Baby (Spoken) - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:09
  26. Georgia's Song - (M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:43
  27. Sanctissima - (Trad. Arr. M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page) - 0:45


  • The Wiggles are. Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Murray Cook: Bass, guitar, vocals & vibraslap
  • Jeff Fatt: Piano, Lowrey Colour Glow Organ, lead vocal on 'I'm a Cow', backing vocals & vibraslap
  • Anthony Field: Acoustic guitar, vocals, vibraslap co-cordinator
  • Greg Page: Lead vocals, Hammond B-3 & vibraslap

Additional Musicians

  • Terry Murray: An assortment of great guitar work throughout the album (Thanks Terry!)
  • Tony Henry: Drums on 'Brown Girl in the Ring', 'Big Red Car', 'Five Little Joeys' and 'Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?'
  • Andrew Bignell: Drums on 'Wags the Dog', 'Henry's Dance', 'Hat on My Head', 'Do the Flap' & 'Teddy Bear Hug'
  • Greg Truman: Backing vocals on 'Wags The Dog', 'Henry's Dance', 'The Flap', 'Hat on My Head' & 'Teddy Bear Hug'
  • Gerry Brady: Backing vocals on 'The Four Presents' & guitar on 'Pufferbillies'
  • Emma Buter: Character Voice
  • John Field: Sequencing & guitar on 'Dorothy's Dance Party'
  • Produced by: The Wiggles
  • Engineered by: Aaron Ruig, Rob Perez and The Wiggles
  • Recorded at: Tracking Station Recording Studios, Struggle Street Studios and Bellevue Hill, Sydney
  • Mastered by: William Bowden at Festival Studios
  • Art & Design by: Deborah Parry Graphics
  • Photography by: Gary Johnston
  • Thanks to John Spence, Sally Maybloom, Meryl Gross, Nikki, Libby, Terri & all at ABC Music, Diana, Jacqui, John Anderson & all at EMI Music, Rex Barry & all at EMI Records, Greg Truman (The Voice), Our Esteemed crew - John Field (the cook) & Peter Mackie, Emma Buter, Sue McAuley, Vanessa Fallon Rohanna, Jacqueline Field, Matthew Perry, Nursing Mothers Association, Kids Promotions, Chris John, Tim Shaw, Perry Como, Tony Hatch, Jackie Trent & John Hawkesworth - thanks for your encouragement, Wayne Covell, Michelle & Blaine, Meg & Baby Georgia, Our Parents & families and all the little people & their families.


  • Some of these songs were originally recorded way before this album was released. You can tell this because they were used in Yummy Yummy.
  • The original recording of "Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?", which appears on this album, is in D major. Later recordings are in E major.
  • Some songs from this Album are Based on Cockroaches songs like Big Red Car is based on (I'll Come Running Back), Do the Flap is based on (You Got the Drop).
  • This album marks the first appearance of Wags the Dog.

Release Dates

Australia - February 20, 1995

United States - April 3, 2001 (Lyrick Studios), June 24, 2003 (HiT Ent./Koch Records)


Album Booklet

US version (Lyrick Studios)

US version (HiT Ent./Koch Records)