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"Big Red Car" was the first Big Red Car song about The Wiggles going for a ride in it around town.

The song is partially adapted from I'll Come Running Back by The Cockroaches, which was written by Jeff & Anthony's brother John.

Song Credits

Big Red Car

Here Comes The Big Red Car

  • Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field & Greg Page
    (Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd)
  • Vocals: Greg Page
    Guitar: Terry Murray
    Bass: Murray Cook
    Keyboard: Jeff Fatt
    Drums: Tony Henry
  • Originally engineered by Aaron Ruig,
    Rob Perez and The Wiggles. Originally recorded at
    Tracking Station Studios,
    Bellevue, Sydney. Originally mastered by William
    Bowden at Festival Studios.
  • Re-Mastered by Don Bartley


15 Big Red Car


Jump in the car and buckle up

And we can drive the whole day long.

Jump in the car, put on my seat belt

And we can ride the whole day long.

Ride into town, walk down the street.

Get back in the car and buckle up into my seat.

Yes, that's the way we do it riding in our Big Red Car.


On holidays, we go down to the beach.

I get back in the car and buckle up into my seat.

'Cause that's the way we do it riding in our Big Red Car.


  • Background Goof #1: in the 1999 version (TV Series 2), you'll notice that they pass the same backgrounds about six times, most likely an error with the 3D animation program, or trying to save costs.


  • John Field's name never was mentioned in the original song credits for this song. which he originally wrote the music with Jeff Fatt. for the song that this song is based on.
  • The last shot in the 1995 music video where The Wiggles are in the Big Red Car running is sped up. Also, it was filmed outside.
  • The song was written in 1995.
  • The 1995 version of the music video was filmed in chroma key, as the partial blue screen is seen.
  • This song gives thanks to Terry Murray for the guitar work.
  • An instrumental track of the song is played over the opening and closing credits of Here Comes the Big Red Car.
  • Parts of the music that use this song were originally written by Jeff Fatt and John Field who were in The Cockroaches in the 80s.
  • A Behind the Scenes image of the 1995 version shows Jacqueline Fallon as Wags the Dog.
  • The song is played on the Big Red Car Kiddie Ride.



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