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Big Red Car


Jeff (1995-1997)
Greg (1997-2006, 2012)
Sam (2006-2012)
Emma (2013-present)

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The "Big Red Car"' is the main method of transportation by The Wiggles. It is driven by Greg, Sam or Emma in the recent videos. Jeff drove the first Big Red Car. So far, it have been in over 27 videos.


For the first Big Red Car, Jeff drove the car first and later, Greg drove the car. This car that they had was made out of cardboard and even the Wiggles Friends could fit in there. Later on, the car was real and each Wiggle had a specific coloured seat, with Greg in the yellow driver's seat, Anthony in the blue front passenger seat, Jeff in the purple seat behind the driver (Greg), and Murray in the red seat behind the front passenger (Anthony).It evolved into a full size electric golf-buggy type model, now driven by Greg since 1997. In 1998 further design changes are seen and the car is now in its contemporary form.


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The car was of right-hand drive style, as used in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and India amongst other nations. However, in 2009 the steering wheel was transferred to the left, as used in countries such as the US and Canada.


  • Murray was originally supposed to sit next to Greg in the first driving car.
  • Since 1998, the Big Red Car first appeared on TV after the Toot Toot! album was released. The Big Red Car made its first concert appearance in the Toot Toot Show! but in VideoNow Jr disc, it appeared at the end of the concert version of Get Ready to Wiggle. For some reason, this concert clip was never shown in Australia.


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