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"Bucket Of Dew / Paddy Condon From Cobar" is a song from Wake Up Jeff! that features Dominic Lindsay with his trumpet, even his daughter Ashleigh Lindsay, it's mainly to be about the Irish dancers and it's to the tune of The Rare Old Mountain Dew, an Irish folk song. The song is simlar to "Di Dicki Do Dum".

Song Credits

1996 Version

2007 Version

  • Music: David Braham
  • Lyrics: Edward Harrigan
  • Arrangement: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Musical Arrangement: The Wiggles, Dominic Lindsay
  • Producer: Anthony Field
  • Engineer and Mixer: Alex Keller
  • Recording Location: Hot Potato Studios
  • Publisher: Wiggly Tunes
  • Copyright: Universal Music Group


1996 Version

  • Back-up Vocals: The Wiggles
  • Bass Guitar: Murray Cook
  • Brilliant Guitar: Terry Murray
  • Accordion: Jeff Fatt
  • Trumpet: Dominic Lindsay
  • Violin: Maria Schattovits
  • Cello: Margaret Lindsay
  • Viola: Angela Lindsay
  • Percussion: MIDI

The Wiggly Big Show Version

  • Backing Vocals - Murray Cook, Greg Page
  • Bass: Murray Cook
  • Guitar: Terry Murray
  • Accordion - Jeff Fatt
  • Trumpet - Dominic Lindsay
  • Strings: Angela Lindsay, Maria Schattovits
  • Viola - Angela Lindsay
  • Cello - Margaret Lindsay
  • Percussion - Tony Henry

2007 Version


09 Bucket of Dew Paddy Condor from Cobar


Hi diddly didle dum, diddly doodle didle dum
Diddly doo ri diddly i day (x2)

(Violin solo)

(Accordion solo)

(Trumpet solo)

(Violin solo)

Hi diddly didle dum, diddly doodle didle dum

Diddly doo ri diddly i day (x2)


  • David Braham wrote the original music and Edward Harrigan wrote the original lyrics.


Video Performances

Album Appearances

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