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Captain Feathersword Has Magical Buttons

Ahoy there me hearties!
— Captain Feathersword's catchphrase

"Captain Feathersword" owns The S.S Feathersword. He was portrayed by Anthony Field and his two other brothers, Paul and John. Then in 1996, Paul Paddick became Captain after understudying for Anthony in a concert when he had a hernia operation, and he still has played him ever since. On occasions, Paddick's understudy, Keane Fletcher, would fill in his roles, such as in newer episodes of the Dorothy the Dinosaur series.

Captain Feathersword also has a crew, the Friendly Pirate Crew, all of which idolize and have the same bright and cheerful personality as their captain. According to the Series 2 episode, Family, Captain's father and mother, showing poor parenting and inappropriate child-raising practices, left him so they could sail the Seven Seas. It is likely he was taken in by someone else and raised.

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  • Captain's original pirate crew is him, Imran, Penelope, and Raj, who were all featured in Stories and Songs: The Adventures of Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate.
  • Before Paul Paddick, Captain Feathersword was first played by Anthony. His brothers, John and Paul followed in Yummy Yummy and Big Red Car. According to Greg's book, "Now and Then", Jeff would sometimes don the vest when it was a Sunday, because of something called the "Sunday Rule". But after a particularly bad performance in the South Australian town of Whyalla, Jeff was banned from ever doing the role again.
  • Paul Paddick is the first Non-Field Brother to play Captain full-time. He has had that role since Wake Up Jeff!.
  • Captain has blue trousers with black lines from 1993-1997. From 1998 ownards, he now has black trousers with gold lines because the original trousers were similar to The Wiggles' black trousers.
  • Captain also tickles people including The Wiggles and his friends.
  • In some of the earlier songs, Anthony isn't seen as a Wiggle because he is playing Captain Feathersword. But in Big Red Car, he isn't played by Anthony except for Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo and Our Boat is Rocking on the Sea. In the Big Red Car song, Captain doesn't appear at all.
  • Captain was created because Anthony understood that kids liked pirates.
  • He was given a feather sword so that he would be a non-violent pirate.
  • Since 1996, Captain spends time with The Wiggles more than Dorothy does.
  • He has had several songs based on him, like Captain Feathersword and Quack Quack.
  • One of Captain's favorite dances is the reindeer dance according to Here Come the Reindeer.
  • Captain's favorite animals are ducks, roosters, horses and camels.
  • Since 2010, Captain has served as a guitarist at concerts when needed. He has also been doing this in the videos since 2013.
  • Captain is the only human Wiggly Friend.
  • In some of the Dorothy the Dinosaur DVD's, Paul Paddick isn't there. So his understudies had to fill in for him. It also happened at some concerts.
  • Captain has played guitar at concerts.
  • Captain may be the most popular Wiggles character.
  • In 2006, Captain along with The Wiggles appeared in a promotional ad on ABC For Kids.
  • He speaks like Alvin.


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