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Carnival of the Animals is a Wiggles album released on July 1st, 2016. Simon Wiggle who wrote the story narrates this CD.


  1. Wiggles Introduction
  2. The Day Has Arrived
  3. The Lion, King of the Jungle
  4. The Rooster, Cockadoodle Doo!
  5. The Swift, Running Donkey
  6. The Tortoise, (Slowly Does It!)
  7. The Elephant, (Where Is That Mouse?)
  8. Boing, Boing, Boing, Kangaroo!
  9. The Fish Starts to Swim
  10. The People With Long Ears
  11. Cuckoo, Cuckoo
  12. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
  13. The Long Fingered Pianist
  14. The Ancient Fossil
  15. The Beauty of the Swan
  16. All the Animals Rejoice
  17. Lachy's Asleep


  • Written and Narrated by: Simon Pryce
  • Music Produced by: Simon Pryce
  • Music Recorded at: Hot Potato Studios, Sydney
  • Music Performed by: The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Soloists: Anna Goldsworthy (piano), Mark Kniger (piano), Janis Laurs (cello), David Stanhope (conductor)
  • Album Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Jeff McCormack
  • Graphic Design by: Daniel Attard





Carnival of the Animals

Carnival of the Animals