5,361 Pages

Anthony Wiggle (1991-present)

Jeff Wiggle (1991-2013)

Murray Wiggle (1991-2013)

Phillip Wiggle (1991-1992)

Greg Wiggle (1991-2006, 2012)

Sam Wiggle (2006-2012)

Simon Wiggle (2013-present)

Lachy Wiggle (2013-present)

Emma Wiggle (2013-present)

It all started of with Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg in 1991 to 2006 where Greg left and was replaced by Sam. After 6 years of being the yellow wiggle Greg had felt much better and was back as the yellow wiggle in 2012. But on May 17th 2012 Jeff, Greg and Murray announced that they were leaving at the end of the year. Now in 2013 Anthony has 3 new wiggles to sing and dance with Emma, Simon and Lachy.

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