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Clare (Field) Attard is a regular Wiggly Dancer, the niece of Anthony Field and the daughter of Paul Field. She is the 2nd younger sister of Luke Field. She is the older sister of Joseph Field and Dominic Field. She was born on June 14, 1989 in Sydney, Australia - a year after her sister Bernadette, died at age of 8 months old from SIDS. She has learnt tap, Irish and ballet dancing. She is married to The Wiggles graphic designer, Daniel Attard.

She has featured in many of The Wiggles videos, DVDs and TV Series' since she was a child. She is most commonly known as playing Fairy Clare in the Dorothy The Dinosaur TV Series' and DVDs. She is the most known & featured the most in their videos.

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About Clare Field

Gender: Female

Aged: (4-26) (30 In 2019)

Favorite Color: Purple

Birthday: June 14, 1989

Family: Lives with her husband Daniel Attard

Hobbies: Ballet Dancing, Irish Dancing, Tap Dancing, and Science.

Clare Field's outfits

  • a lavender dress with white flowers with dark purple dots.
  • a red and white checkerboard long sleeve dress with a red and white checkerboard headband on her hair.
  • a yellow-orange short sleeve shirt with blue jeans and a yellow-orange headband on her hair.
  • a red T-shirt with red and white checkerboard overall dress and a white headband on her hair.
  • a white long sleeve shirt.
  • a lemon yellow dress with with purple and maroon flowers on It.
  • a mary costume.
  • a elf costume.
  • a white shirt with a maroon tie and gray overall dress.
  • a white party dress with flowers on it, and a blue party hat.
  • a blue dress, with turquoise flowers, and a blue headband on her hair.
  • a white shirt, with black stripes, black overall dress, and a red headband on her hair.
  • a pink-white dress.
  • a wiggly colored dancer.
  • a ballerina costume.
  • a Irish dress.
  • a cheerleader outfit.
  • a duck costume.
  • a Italian dress.
  • a red jacket with a stripe shirt.
  • a beach outfit.
  • a red long sleeve shirt with white short pants.
  • a pirate costume.
  • a yellow T-shirt and black pants.
  • a tween mary costume.
  • a tween shirt with a gray skirt.
  • a white long sleeve shirt, with a black vest with white stripes, a black skirt, and a flower headband on her head.
  • a teen Irish dress.
  • a teen mary costume.
  • a santa costume.
  • a beautiful Irish black dress with flowers on it, with flowers on her hair, and dancing shoes.
  • a dancing dress.
  • a wiggly red coat dancer.
  • a fairy costume including a tiara.
  • a different fairy costume.
  • a red jacket, with a black skirt.
  • a light yellow t-shirt with names on It, a black and white checkerboard skirt, black tights, and black shoes.
  • a pie maker costume.
  • a pink Irish dress.
  • a chicken costume.
  • a circus costume.
  • a princess costume.
  • a navy blue dress with white flowers on It. a white apron, and white boots.
  • a blue shirt with a black wig.
  • a white blouse, a tan skirt, and a black hat.