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The colouring book is a magic trick that Greg does in Wiggle Time.

(See the video)


Greg has a picture book, but as he flips through the pages, there aren't any pictures. Let's take another look just to make sure. He flips through them again, but no pictures. He asks if you could help him do some magic to put some pictures in there? Great. Everyone gets out their magic pencils in their pockets, and draw some pictures in the air for him. Then throw the pictures in the colouring book. He flips through the book and now there are a bunch of drawings. Did you do that? Raise your hand if you did. You're all so clever.

Now let's put some colour in those pictures. Rub some colour from your clothes (Greg rubs his shirt) and then throw them at the book. Take a look now. Greg flips through the book but there's no colour. Greg ponders and then realizes he forgot to use his magic wand, which he pulls out. How silly. He has everyone rub colours off their clothes. Greg waves the magic wand and has the audience to rub some colour from their clothes and throw the colour at the colouring book. Greg says, "Abracadabra." He then flips through the book and there is colour on the drawings. Raise your hand if you did that. Now give yourselves a really big clap. Well done!


This trick is referenced by Anthony in the intro to Just Can't Wait for Christmas Day, when Greg says he can't wait to do some magic tricks on Christmas Day.