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"Dance Party" is the American version of Big Red Car, under a different title. It was released on VHS on April 3, 2001. It was also released on DVD in November 19, 2002.


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  • Both this & Yummy Yummy are the only American DVD's not to contain any menus or special features.
  • When you look closely just before the Dance Party title comes up, you can see the original Big Red Car title for about a half of a second.
  • Unlike the Australian version, this video was released after Wake Up Jeff! and is available on DVD.
  • This is the only DVD released in America by HiT Entertainment to not be re-released by Warner Home Video.
  • This is the earliest video released in America, and one of the earliest released to be on the DVD.
  • When this was on DVD, HiT Entertainment decided not to have a menu or special features because this was an early Wiggles video.
  • In 2004, the US DVD was repackaged. The copyright date was changed and the disc's picture and it's content are different, as well, it had a menu and special features.