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"Dancing Ride" is a song from Here Comes A Song. This song has many different actions to it.


The actions in this song are shaking like a tree, dancing with ants in our pants, and dancing like a rocket ship.


Greg sings while Anthony speak. Murray plays the bass guitar, the electric guitar and the Chief Kabasa Player, Jeff plays the organ, and Anthony plays the tambourine.

Song Credits


1992 Version

  • Lead Vocals - Greg Page
  • Additional Vocals - Anthony Field
  • Bass/Electric Guitar/Chief Kabasa Player - Murray Cook
  • Organ - Jeff Fatt
  • Tambourine - Anthony Field
  • Handclaps - Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page

ABC For Kids: Live In Concert Version

  • Lead Vocals - Greg Page
  • Additional Vocals & Clapping - Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Acoustic Guitar - Murray Cook
  • Keyboard - Jeff Fatt


23 Dancing Ride

Song Lyrics

Anthony: Alright. Let's take a... Dancing Ride.

Greg: I want everybody to dance with me

Put your leaves up and shake like a tree

Let the wind move you from side to side, now you're on the Dancing Ride

Ah Ha Ha

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Let's do another one.

Greg: Come on everybody. Here's a new dance.

Anthony: Uh oh, uh oh.

Greg: Move like there's a whole nest of ants in your pants.

Anthony: Now what are you up to?

Greg: You shake your legs, from east to west. I think I like this dance the best.

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: I like it too.

Greg: Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Do another one.

Greg: Come on everybody. Lets do the rocket ship.

Point your arms up and wiggle your hips.

Anthony: Keep wiggling.

Greg: You turn on the spot, around and around.

Come on everyone and touch the ground.

Ah Ha Ha

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Well I'm dancing like I've got ants in my pants. I'm dancing like a rocket ship. I'm dancing like a tree. Ha, what else can I dance like? Let me think. Oh, I've got a dance like me. Woohoo! This is fun. The Dancing Ride.

Video Appearances

Album Appearances

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