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"Dancing Ride" is a song from Here Comes A Song. This song has many different actions to it.


23 Dancing Ride

Song Lyrics

Anthony: Alright. Let's take a... Dancing Ride.

Greg: I want everybody to dance with me

Put your leaves up and shake like a tree

Let the wind move you from side to side, now you're on the Dancing Ride

Ah Ha Ha

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Let's do another one.

Greg: Come on everybody. Here's a new dance.

Anthony: Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Greg: Move like there's a whole nest of ants in your pants.

Anthony: Now what are you up to?

Greg: You shake your legs, from east to west. I think I like this dance the best.

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: I like it too.

Greg: Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Do another one.

Greg: Come on everybody. Lets do the rocket ship.

Point your arms up and wiggle your hips.

Anthony: Keep wiggling.

Greg: You turn on the spot, around and around.

Come on everyone and touch the ground.

Ah Ha Ha

Ah Ha Ha

Anthony: Well I'm dancing like I've got ants in my pants. I'm dancing like a rocket ship. I'm dancing like a tree. Ha, what else can I dance like? Let me think. Oh, I've got a dance like me. Woohoo! This is fun. The Dancing Ride.

Song Credits


  • This song is part of the Let's Wiggle book.
  • The Wiggle Time! 2000 album shows Murray and Jeff's names in the song credits, although they didn't write this song.
  • The album version plays in G, G-sharp, A, and A-sharp, where as the ABC for Kids Live in Concert version plays in A, A-sharp, B, and C.
  • Anthony wrote this song at Macquarie University in 1991.

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