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Desert Dreaming is a story from The Wiggles.


25 Desert Dreaming



Greg: I'm in the desert. It's very hot out here. The ground is red, dry and cracked from the heat. I can't see anything alive out here. Shimmering surface! What do I see? A man white, brown or black? And he tells me that there is a lot to see and do in the desert. He takes me to his totem place. Look, kangaroos. "My totem," he says. "We throw boomerangs together." His dog, or is it a dingo, chases the boomerang barking happily. He tells me the desert isn't always dry and that there is a wet season. When rain falls and wets the Earth, flowers with all the colors of the rainbow bloom for everyone to enjoy. The man tells me I must leave for now but that I can come back to this special place of colors and sounds whenever I dream.