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Series 2, Episode 18
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Directions is the 18th Wiggles 1999 episode.


The Wiggles are supposed to meet Dorothy on the corner of Happy and Sad Streets but they're lost. They have to visit other streets from Windy Street to Cold Street.


Jeff tries to look for Greg's rabbit in the hat but falls asleep. Rabbit wakes him up but he misses it.

The Wiggles are walking down Sneezy Street and start sneezing. They realize they are lost when they arrive at Lost Street. Jeff cries for help and Officer Beaples gives them directions which Murray writes it down.

"Look Both Ways"

Dorothy is waiting at the corner of Happy and Sad Streets. Her mood changes depending on which side she is on.

Captain Feathersword tries to get Wags to walk the plank, but Wags tries to walk it like a doggy.

"Our Boat is Rocking on the Sea"

Henry gets his underwater marching band in tune.

The Wiggles finally meet up with Dorothy, but Anthony's on the Sad Street side and is crying. They form a chain with Jeff pulling them over to the Happy street.

"Romp Bomp a Stomp" (from The Wiggly Big Show)

Captain Feathersword continues trying with Wags, but Wags wants to dance the plank instead.

Greg and Anthony are trying to get the rabbit out again. Anthony's wearing an extra large hat and an extra large cape. Anthony wants to try it out first, and pulls out a slice of pizza out of Greg's hat.

"CGI Duck Waterslide Transition."

The whole gang do a dance, acting out all the different streets the Wiggles visited.


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