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Paul and Dominic

Dominic Field (b. May 30, 1994 in Sydney, Australia) is Paul Field's youngest son. He is also Anthony Field's nephew and Luke, Bernadette, Clare and Joseph's younger brother. He played Little Murray in Seasons 4 & 5 of The Wiggles (TV Series). Then he did the Commentating on the Album Whoo Whoo Wiggly Gremlins in Songs: Music with Murray, Lights, Camera,CommunityService Announcement. He is currently a Wiggly dancer and plays Wags The Dog in the live shows.

About Dominic Field

Gender: Male

Aged: (1-11)

Favorite Color: Black

Birthday: May 30, 1994

Family: Lives with his brothers Joseph Field, Luke Field, and his sister Clare Field and he lives with his father Paul Field.

Hobbies: Dancing, Basketball and Running.



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