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"Dorothy's Birthday Party" is the 2nd song about Dorothy the Dinosaur, telling the story of her birthday party and how all her friends came and celebrated. It was rewritten for the Short Story segment in Yummy Yummy, and rewritten and re-recorded again in 1998 for Wiggle Time! (1998 video).

Song Lyrics

Here Comes a Song

Well, you know about Dorothy the Dinosaur

But that's not the end of the tale.

When I tell you what happened on her birthday,

I know it'll make you turn pale.

It happened on the 3rd of November

When Dorothy was turning 5.

100 ding-a-ling dinosaurs

Were in the garden doing the jive.


It was a dinosaur Birthday Party.

I'm the one Mum and Dad will blame.

Romp-Bomp-a-Chomp through the roses they stomped.

The garden will never be the same.

There was Rex the Tyrannosaurus

Doing his party tricks.

And the pterodactyl twisters

Playing their greatest hits.

They played "pass the prehistoric parcel"

And mastodon musical chairs.

Why does this always happen to me?

You know it's really not fair.


I saw 22 brontosauruses

Dancing the boogaloo.

Mum and Dad were due home any tick of the clock.

Now what was I to do?

Chorus twice

Let's Wiggle (album)

'"It's my party and you're all invited"

Well, you know about Dorothy the Dinosaur

But now I'll tell you some more

About what happened on the party

For Dorothy the Dinosaur.

It happened on the 3rd of November

When Dorothy was turning 5.

Dorothy and all of the Wiggles' friends

Were in the garden doing the jive.

It was a dinosaur birthday party.

Everybody's playing party games.

Romp-Bomp-a-Chomp through the roses we stomp.

The garden will never be the same.

There was Captain Feathersword the pirate

Doing his pirate dance.

Henry the Octopus was there

Wearing his 8 legged pants.

There was Wags the Dog barking away


Doing his party tricks.

Henry's underwater big band were there

Playing their greatest hits.


Song Credits

Here Comes a Song

Wiggle Time! (1993 video)

  • M Cook
  • Copyrighted by: EMI Music

Yummy Yummy (1994 video)

  • M. Cook/J. Fatt/A. Field/G. Page
    (EMI Music)

The Wiggles Movie

  • Written by: M. Cook Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

Let's Wiggle

  • Music and Lyrics by Murray Cook
  • Lead Vocals: Greg Page
  • Backing Vocals: The Wiggles
  • Guitars: Murray Cook, Anthony Field
  • Drums/Percussion: Paul Hester
  • Produced by: The Wiggles
  • Recorded and Mixed in Sydney, Australia by Chris Brooks
  • Produced by The Wiggles
  • Mastered by Don Bartley, Studios 301, Sydney Australia

Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing!


05 Dorothy's Birthday Party


  • Murray Cook who provides the voice of Dorothy wrote this song.
  • The Wiggle Time! 2000 album shows Jeff, Anthony, and Greg's names in the song credits, although they didn't write this song.
  • The 1993 video version uses a slide whiste sound effect. It was also one of the first times to use cartoon sound effects, in TV Series 2, they switched to the popular Hanna-Barbera sounds.

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