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The piano music for Dorothy's Dance Floor is played in the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas video such as tap-dancing, Scottish dancing in a Scotland the Brave style, the line dance and Irish dancing in a Nya Nya Nya style. This does not appear on the album.

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Lyrics and Transcript from Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas 1997

Anthony: You're right, Dorothy. (to viewers) Dorothy was just saying how much fun we've had dancing at the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas party. (turns back to Dorothy) And what were you saying you'd like to do, Dorothy?

Dorothy: I'd like to do some more dancing, Anthony.

Anthony: (giving thumbs up with Murray) You beauty! Well, how about some tap dancing, Dorothy?

Dorothy: Oh, sure!

Anthony: 2, 3, 4.

(Dorothy does tap dancing while the piano plays in the background.)

(Anthony laughs while he and Murray claps.)

Murray: Great dancing, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Thanks.

Murray: Hey, I have one for you now. Dorothy, how about some Scottish dancing?

Dorothy: Ooh, Scottish! (doing Scottish dancing while the piano plays "Scotland the Brave" and bowing) Och aye.

(Anthony and Murray clap.)

Anthony (laughing) Well done, Dorothy. Hey, Dorothy, I've got a special dance for you to do. We like to call it the line dance.

Murray: (leans toward Dorothy and faces camera) Rarrr!

Dorothy: (notices Murray and jumps in surprise) Oh!

Anthony: No, Murray. Not the lion dance, but the line dance.

Dorothy: Boot scootin', Murray. (starts doing her line dance to piano music)

Anthony: Hey-hey! She's doing it!

Dorothy: (finishing her line dance) Yee-ha!

Murray: (clapping with Anthony) Oh, well done, Dorothy. Oh Dorothy, how about this one? How about some Irish dancing?

Dorothy: (gasps) My favorite! (starts doing her Irish dancing and singing while the piano plays "Nya, Nya, Nya") Ta-da!

(Anthony and Murray clap.)

Anthony: (laughing)

Murray: Wonderful, Dorothy. Dorothy, you sure are a great dancer.

Dorothy: Thanks!


  • Anthony and Murray are the only Wiggles in this clip.
  • When she did Irish dancing she sang Nya Nya Nya.


The Wiggles - Dorothy's Dance

The Wiggles - Dorothy's Dance

Dorothy's Dance Floor