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Dorothy the Dinosaur - music video


Director & Producer

Charles Amsden

Filmed in

December 10, 1991


August 9, 1992

The "Dorothy the Dinosaur music video" is a music video with the song Dorothy the Dinosaur. It's the first appearance of Dorothy. It was on ABC for Kids Video Hits Volume 2.

This music video was made in Sydney on December 10, 1991, they released the music video on August 9, 1992. The Wiggles had there color shirts in 1992 when they just did there Here Comes A Song album.

This is the last video to feature Phillip. Phillip had already been dumped from the group in early 1991, but some reason Anthony got him to come back for the video.


The Wiggles - Dorothy The Dinosaur 199203:51

The Wiggles - Dorothy The Dinosaur 1992

The Wiggles in there second music video called "Dorothy the Dinosaur" from January 2, 1992.


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