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Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book is an Dorothy The Dinosaur video released in 2008. In the US, this is titled as "The Wiggles Present: Dorothy the Dinosaur".

Song List

  1. C'est Wags, C'est Bon
  2. Dance a Cachucha
  3. Balla Balla Bambina
  4. Say Aah at the Doctors
  5. Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruit And Veggies)
  6. Drinking Rosy Tea with Dorothy
  7. Bucket Of Dew/Paddy Condon From Cobar
  8. Come On Let's Jump
  9. Vegetable Soup
  10. My Name Is Dorothy (Come Dance With Me)
  11. Ngalmam Djangu Godku Yumarrku (We Are All in God's Family)
  12. I Look In The Mirror
  13. I'm The Postman
  14. Teddy Bear Lullaby
  15. The Dancing Flowers
  16. Seashell Barcarolle
  17. Ballerina, Ballerina
  18. I Love it When it Rains
  19. Let's Have a Party

Bonus Wiggles Songs

  1. Romp Bomp a Stomp (Live)
  2. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear (Live)
  3. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) (Live)
  4. Fruit Salad (Live)
  5. Hot Potato (Live)
  6. Quack Quack (Live)
  7. Wash Your Hands


Promo Pictures

  • Dorothy and the fairies
  • Dorothy holding letter
  • Dorothy and Wags
  • Fairies Clare and Larissa
  • Dorothy's house
  • Dorothy and Troy Cassar-Daley
  • Dorothy and Henry
  • Dorothy and the fairies
  • Dentist Jane's office
  • "Irish Dancing with the Fairies"
  • Marie Field and Michelle Lynch
  • Dorothy and Rebecca
  • Dorothy
  • Dorothy and the fairies
  • Wags, Dorothy and Troy Cassar-Daley
  • "Drinking Rosy Tea with Dorothy"
  • Dorothy and Marie Field
  • Troy Cassar-Daley holding Takamine acoustic guitar
  • "I Look in the Mirror"
  • Dorothy reading book
  • Dorothy and Wags
  • "Dance a Cachuca"
  • Dorothy painting
  • Marie Field
  • Dorothy and Don Spencer
  • Dorothy sweeping
  • "Bucket of Dew"
  • Dorothy and David Hobson
  • Troy Cassar-Daley
  • Dorothy holding her dress
  • "Lettuce Sing"
  • Dorothy holding umbrella
  • Don drinking rosy tea and Dorothy
  • Dorothy and Wags
  • Wags, Dorothy and David Hobson
  • Fairy Clare Irish dancing
  • Fairies Clare and Larissa drinking rosy tea
  • The Fairies
  • Dorothy and Dentist Jane
  • Dorothy, Henry and Doctor Leo
  • Dorothy holding shopping list
  • Fairy Maria
  • Marie Field
  • Dorothy and Don the Postman
  • Dorothy and Wags
  • Dorothy in her garden
  • "Vegetable Soup"
  • The cast
  • Dorothy holding letter
  • Rebecca, Dorothy, the fairies
  • "Let's Have a Party"
  • Don the Postman
  • The cast in "Francis the Flower Seller"
  • Paul Field and Troy Cassar-Daley
  • Dorothy and Kathy Gothadjaka
  • Dorothy and the Warramiri people
  • Kathy Gothadjaka
  • Jane Kennedy
  • "Vegetable Soup"
  • The Rosy Orchestra
  • Captain Feathersword, Dorothy and John Rowe
  • John the Green Grocer's Store
  • Rebecca, Dorothy and the fairies
  • The Rosy Musicians
  • Dorothy, Fairy Clare, Francis and Marie Field
  • Troy Cassar-Daley, Paul and Marie Field
  • Dorothy, Henry, Doctor Leo and the Wiggly Crew
  • "Bucket of Dew"
  • Michelle Lynch
  • Dorothy, Henry and John Rowe playing guitar
  • Dorothy and the fairies Irish dancing
  • Dorothy, Fairy Clare and Francis
  • "Say Aah at the Doctors"
  • Dorothy and the fairies
  • Dorothy, Henry and Dr. Leo
  • John Rowe
  • "My Name is Dorothy (Come Dance with Me)"
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Leanne Ashley and the fairies
  • Dominic Lindsay, Karlene Minham and Paul Field
  • Francis the Flower Seller
  • Borce Dacemvski on camera
  • David's singing and dancing class
  • Francis the Flower Seller
  • Dorothy, Henry and Dr. Leo
  • Dorothy and Rebecca Beck
  • Dorothy, Captain and Jane
  • Dorothy, Rebecca and the fairies
  • Dorothy, Don Spencer and the Wiggly Crew


Release Dates

Australian DVD Release: February 28, 2008 (ABC DVD/Roadshow)

UK DVD Release: July 3, 2008 (Hit Entertainment)

American DVD Release: February 24, 2009 (Warner Home Video)