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Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to Hospital
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Written by

Kathleen Warren

Directed by

Chisholm Travlish

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Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to Hospital is a 1999 promotional Wiggles video in partnership with Sydney Children's Hospital. This video was very exclusively available, and was never given a commercial release.


  1. Get Ready to Wiggle
  2. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (new version)
  3. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
  4. Hot Potato


  • The Wiggles: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Greg Page, Anthony Field
  • Cast: Leeanne Ashley, Elisha Burke, Reem Hanwell, Troy Johnston, Paul Paddick, Sally Anne Cleland, Nathan Ellery, Cassandra Halloran, Guy Orlay, Jennifer Stevens
  • Production Company: Swampmagic Pictures
  • Script Writer: Kathleen Warren M.A. (Honn) L.A.S.A. PTCI
  • Production Manager: Lou Porter
  • Director of Photography: Borce Amcevski
  • Camera Assistant: Nick Thompson
  • Sound Recordist: Eric Putre
  • Stills Photographer: Tony More
  • Directors Assistant: Paula Dunn
  • Props Maker: Pier Productions
  • Artwork: Bodgie Graphics
  • Stand By Props: Bernadette Day
  • Make Up: Annatels Smith
  • Runner: Terrence Gavin
  • Production Assistant: Kymm Chan
  • Wardrobe: Pam Griggs
  • Post Production Services: ARCOM
  • Off-Line Editor: Steve Rees
  • Audio Editor: Craig Abercrombie
  • On-Line and Animation: John Agapitos engine
  • Roses Supplied by: Roses Only
  • Balloons Supplied by: Balloons Inflation
  • Project Concept: Sally Anne Cleland, Guy Orlay, Jennifer Stevens C/O Sydney Children's Hospital
  • Director: Chisholm McTavish
  • Executive Producers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Greg Page, Anthony Field

Back Cover Description

Australia's favourite children's entertainers, The Wiggles and Dorothy the Dinosaur have made a very special video. Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to Hospital tells the tale of what happens when Dorothy has to go to Sydney's Children's Hospital, Randwick. This video will be a wonderful tool in preparing children for the experience of going to hospital, meeting Doctors and having an anesthetic. Going to the hospital can be a positive experience and it's certainly made easier with your friends, The Wiggles.


  • This video only runs 12 minutes, making it the shortest Wiggles' video released.
  • This is the only Dorothy video that features the Wiggles.
  • This video holds the record for the shortest songlist, with only five songs. Runner-ups are Space Dancing! and Captain Feathersword, the Friendly Pirate.
  • Like most 1998 and 1999 media, Dorothy is voiced by Simon Pryce's next door neighbor Elisha Burke.
  • After Dorothy introduces The Male Wiggly Friends to her friends at the hospital, the audio cuts off for a moment.
  • This video was written by The Wiggles' teacher Kathleen Warren.
  • For some reason, the video forgot to add the word "The" as in "Dorothy the Dinosaur Goes to the Hospital".


Promo Pictures

  • Anthony
  • Greg
  • Murray
  • Dorothy
  • Dorothy, Paul and Ginny
  • The Wiggly Group

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