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The first ever Emma! TV series debuted on ABC in Australia on 1st June, 2015. It later premiered on Treehouse in Canada, and streams on Hulu in America.

It marks a number of firsts in terms of Wiggles TV series. It is the first to focus on only one Wiggle, and the first (and so far only) time where only one person appears in the entire series. It is also the first series where every episode runs only about 3-4 minutes, and the first to consist of 30 total episodes.

The following year, a Lachy! TV series debuted following a similar format.

Episode list

  1. The Corroboree Frog
  2. Sur le Pont d'Avignon
  3. Ballerina, Ballerina
  4. ABC
  5. Brush Your Pet's Hair
  6. Miss Polly Had A Dolly
  7. Balla Balla Bambina
  8. I'll Tell Me Ma When I Get Home
  9. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
  10. This Little Piggy Went To Market
  11. Frere Jacques
  12. Stille Nacht
  13. Emma's Country Garden
  14. Michaud
  15. I Love It When It Rains
  16. Open Shut Them
  17. Emma's Di Dicki Do Dum
  18. Where Is Thumbkin?
  19. Incy Wincy Spider
  20. The Giraffe
  21. Twinkling Star
  22. Two Polite Gentlemen
  23. Galloping Ballet
  24. Emma (With The Bow In Her Hair)
  25. Say the Dance, Do the Dance
  26. La La La Lilou
  27. I've Got My Glasses On!
  28. Take A Trip Out On The Sea
  29. Je Suis Dansuese
  30. I Like Goats