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"Get Ready to Wiggle" is the first Wiggles song ever written and recorded. It first appeared in their 1991 self-titled debut album. And was re-make song from Wiggle Time (re-recording) in 1998. it was recorded 8 or 10 times in 20 or 21 years.

It was originally going to be a Cockroaches Song called Mr. Wiggles Back in Town written by Anthony Field and John Field

Song Credits

Song Lyrics

Get ready to wiggle.

We've been ready for so long.

Get ready to wiggle.

When you wiggle, you can't go wrong.

Get ready to wiggle.

Wiggle will make you big and strong.

Get ready to wiggle.

Wiggle to this song (2x)

Ba-da-ba-ba, ba-dum-ba-dum. (3x)

We're ready to wiggle.

Wiggle your fingers high in the sky.

We're ready to wiggle.

Wiggle your ears and wiggle your eyes.

We're ready to wiggle.

Wiggle your hair and wiggle your nose.

We're ready to wiggle.

Wiggle all ten toes (2x)

Ba-dum-ba-ba-ba-dum. (3x)

Ba-dum ba-ba

We can wiggle (Whoo!) and wiggle. (Whoo!)

Wiggle at home without a care.

Wiggle (Whoo!) and wiggle. (Whoo!)

Wiggle on your own or with teddy bear.

Wiggle (Whoo!) and wiggle. (Whoo!)

Wiggle at breakfast, lunch or tea.

Wiggle (Whoo!) and wiggle. (Whoo!)

Wiggle along with me. Thats right! Wiggle along with me.

Ba-da-ba-ba ba-dum ba-dum (3x)



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