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Greg Page

Greg Page

Full Name

Gregory John Page


January 16, 1972
Sydney, Australia


6' 4½" (1.94 m)


Greg Wiggle (1991-2006, 2012)
Magic Greg (1993-2006)


Michelle Charlton (1996 - 2008) Vanessa Reid (2009 - present)


Madison, Blaine, Lara & Cameron Page

Years Active

<a href="tel:<a href="tel:1991-2006, 2012">1991-2006, 2012</a>">1991-2006, 2012</a>

"Greg Page" is an Australian musician who is known as the lead vocalist on The Wiggles. Greg drove the Big Red Car and was very good at magic. He also plays guitar. He is the tallest Wiggle out of Murray, Anthony and Jeff. In 2013, he was replaced by Emma Watkins. He was also temporarily replaced by Sam Moran for five years (Late 2006- Early 2012) when he retired due to health issues.


He met Anthony, who took him to vist Macquarie University, and met Murray a few years before the Wiggles began when they were Early Education students at Macquarie University, and combined their music backgrounds and teaching skills to form The Wiggles. Being the youngest member of the Original Wiggles,Greg became a wiggle at the age of 19. When performing with The Wiggles, Greg Page wore a yellow shirt. Like the others, Greg Page had a schtick: his was doing magic tricks.

He has a sister named Belinda.

Influenced by his bandmate Anthony Field, he was a fan of Elvis Presley.

Greg's 2005 solo album, "Taking Care of Country", reflects his interest in Elvis Presley's music. It was recorded with the TCB Band, Elvis Preseley' back-up band. In Spring 2003, Greg Page performed in Las Vegas with the TCB Band. In 2002, Greg Page sang back-up (which means backing vocals) with Australian Elvis impersonator and lead singer, Mick Gerace. Page has accumulated an extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia, including the last Cadillac owned by Elvis, his personal and movie clothing, and original TCB Band necklaces.

Greg left the group in 2013 to spend more time with his family and friends. While he spends more time with his family and friends, he is replaced by Emma Watkins. Greg makes cameos in In Taking Off and The Wiggles Ready Steady Wiggle TV Series and as of late summer 2013, Greg landed in a new children show called Butterscotch's Playground where Greg Plays Himself/The Playground Ground Keeper.


Greg was married to a lady named Michelle Charlton in 1996 and had 2 children who are Madison Page and Blaine Page.

On January 17, 2008 he broke up with Michelle and a year later he married another lady named Vanessa and had a baby girl named Lara Page and in 2011, His second wife also had a son, Cameron Page.

Illness and Retirement

Page had experienced health difficulties since December 2005, at age 33 when he underwent a double hernia operation and withdrew from his group's U.S. tour after suffering repeated fainting spells, slurred speech, fatigue, and trembling. Although Page was missing for virtually all of the late 2006 U.S. tour, audiences were informed of Page's absence at concerts moments before the curtain went up. At first, Page was told that he had seven years to live, but he was diagnosed with a non-life-threatening and difficult to diagnose chronic illness called Orthostatic Intolerance, which causes symptoms such as fatigue and loss of balance. Specialists believed that Page had mild episodes of the illness going back twelve years, but symptoms worsened after his hernias. It was decided that Page would step back from performing with The Wiggles to better manage his health. In the months following the announcement of Page's retirement, he received an overwhelming outpouring of public support. He reported that it took his parents six months to answer to the mountains of emails.


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