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"Guess What?" is a song from the Wake Up Jeff! album.

It appears in the remake video in Wiggly Animation. The song is about when Greg asks questions to everyone to guess what it is.

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10 Guess What


Greg: I've got some questions for everybody. See if you can guess what these things are.

(singing) What's really cool and keeps things very cold?

It's very wide and its way your food can live.

When you open up the door, the light always comes on.

It's in the kitchen... Yep! It's a fridge!

Anthony: Oh, a fridge!

Greg: Yeah!

Anthony: Well um, what's next, Greg?

Greg: Here comes one for you know.

(singing) What has four legs and a very flat top?

It's in your house and it's really stable. (Anthony: Stable.)

It may be made of wood. You can have your dinner there.

It's very useful... It's a table!

Anthony: Oh, a table!

Greg: Yeah, see if you can guess this next one.

Anthony: What's next, Greg?

Greg: (singing) What's really soft and very warm too?

It's a place for you to lay your head. (Anthony: Uh-huh.)

It's got blankets and sheets. It's where you go to sleep.

I think you guessed it... Yep! It's a bed!

Anthony: A bed.

Greg: Yes, very cozy.

Anthony: Oh no, Greg!

Greg: What?!?

Anthony: Have a listen.

Jeff: (snoring in bed while sleeping)

Anthony: Jeff's falling asleep.

Greg: Jeff's always falling asleep! Oh dear!

Anthony: Can you hear that snoring?

Greg: I sure can.

Anthony: Oh no!

Greg: Oh he's funny nut Jeff, always falling asleep.

Jeff: (snoring)


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