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"Hat On My Head" is a song about wearing a hat on your head.

Song Credits

Big Red Car

Here Comes the Big Red Car

  • Written by Anthony Field, John Field
  • Published by: Wiggly Tunes Pty. Ltd
  • Vocals: Greg Page
  • Manzillas: Greg Truman
  • Guitar: Anthony Field
  • Bass: Murray Cook
  • Keyboard: Jeff Fatt
  • Drums: Andrew Bignell
  • Originally Engineered by: Aaron Ruig, Rob Perez, The Wiggles
  • Originally Recorded at: Tracking Station Studios
  • Originally Mastered by: William Bowden
  • Re-Mastered by: Don Bartley
  • Originally Mastered at: Festival Studios

Song Credit Differences

  • AU CD: Anthony Field, John Field
  • US CD: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field


17 Hat on My Head

Song Lyrics

Hat on my head

It's sunny today

Got my hat on my head, it's sunny today

I'll be okay

I put my raincoat on (Raincoat on)

It's starting to rain (Starting to rain)

Put my raincoat on, it's starting to rain

I'll be okay

I'll take my raincoat off (Raincoat off)

It's sunny again (Sunny again)

Take my raincoat off, it's sunny again

I feel okay

We feel okay.



  • Some Parts of this song's music Can Be Heard on the Bassline.
  • The 1995 music video shows a background painting of the sun but during the 2nd verse, it changes to rain. During the 3rd verse, the background changes back to the sun.
  • This song gives thanks to Greg Truman for the backing vocals.
  • An instrumental version of this song is played in the photo gallery of Here Comes the Big Red Car DVD and Interview with The Wiggles' Mums.
  • The U.S. album release shows that Murray, Jeff, Greg's names are in the credits of songs, although they didn't write it.
  • When the 1995 version ends, the engineer's voice is heard.


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