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"Hat On My Head" is a song about wearing a hat on your head.


The rumor says that this song might have come from another one by The Cockroaches.

Song Credits

1995 Version

  • Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Anthony Field, John Field
  • Publisher: EMI Music

2006 Instrumental

  • Music: Anthony Field, John Field
  • Arrangement: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Publisher: Wiggly Tunes


1995 Version

2006 Instrumental

  • Bass - Murray Cook
  • Acoustic Guitar - Anthony Field, John Field
  • Piano - Jeff Fatt
  • Drums - Tony Henry


17 Hat on My Head

Song Lyrics

Hat on my head

It's sunny today

Got my hat on my head, it's sunny today

I'll be okay

I put my raincoat on (Raincoat on)

It's starting to rain (Starting to rain)

Put my raincoat on, it's starting to rain

I'll be okay

I'll take my raincoat off (Raincoat off)

It's sunny again (Sunny again)

Take my raincoat off, it's sunny again

I feel okay

We feel okay.



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Hat on my head-001:54

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1995 Version

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