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Have a Very Merry Christmas is the first song on Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas.

Song Credits

  • Composed and Written by: John Field
  • Produced by: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Engineered and Mixed by: Chris Brooks, Alex Keller, Roy Mollace, Aaron Ruig
  • Recorded at: Tracking Station Recording Studios
  • Publisher: EMI Music (AU) / Wiggly Tunes (US & UK)
  • Copyright: Universal Music Group


  • Lead Vocals: Greg Page
  • Backing Vocals: Paul Paddick
  • Drums/Percussion: Tony Henry
  • Bass: Murray Cook
  • Guitars: Murray Cook, Anthony Field or Greg Page
  • Piano: Jeff Fatt


Have a very merry Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas day

Christmas time and bells are ringing

Christmas time and we're all singing

Have a very merry Christmas day


  • The Wiggles originally sang this song in a UNICEF commercial which first aired in 1995. There is an extra repeat of the song during this version.
  • It was written by John Field, with no additional help from The Wiggles. This is similar to Go Santa Go and Unto Us, This Holy Night from the same album.
  • The song appears as the first song in Wiggly Christmas Medley.
  • Dorothy appeared in a UNICEF commercial with The Wiggles.

Album Appearances

Video Performances


The Wiggles - Have a Very Merry Christmas

The Wiggles - Have a Very Merry Christmas

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