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Hello Everyone is a Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! episode.


Anthony introduces himself by singing a nursery rhyme adaption whilst playing an accoustic guitar.

Simon introduces himself by singing some opera.

Emma speaks about the festival of drum amercements and tells the viewers to have a wonderfull day.

Anthony starts to speak about a scottish music festival with his bagpipes.

Lachy starts to speak about a carnival and then says that they are so much fun.

  • Carnival Of The Animals - Segment 1

Lachy tells us about when he was young and when he used to play a grand piano aswell as describing the piano. He plays a tune in his grand piano which he says sounds like circus music. Captain enters singing to the tune as a clown "Up and down, juggling balls."

Emma introduces 'The Little Wiggles'

  • The Little Wiggles - Segment 1


  1. Lachy!
  2. Hello, My Name Is Emma
  3. ABC
  4. Henry's Dance
  5. Dressing Up (Little Wiggles)
  6. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  7. Come On Down to Wiggle Town (Live)