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This article is about the Wiggly Friend. You may be looking for the song.

"Henry the Octopus" is a fun-loving Octopus who likes to make music with his Underwater Big Band. He also likes to dance and spin around. He is the leader, boss and best friend of The Underwater Big Band founded since 1996. He is the main protagonist and star of his own segment, a major character in all of The Wiggles videos, a supporting character in the first series, a recurring character in the second series and one of the main characters of the rest of the TV seasons. He also has a minor role in Seasons 7-8.

He is purple with 8 tentacles and 8 shoes. He wears plaid clothes, a boater hat and a black bowtie. (Sometimes purplish blue)

He is the leader of the Underwater Big Band, and likes to sing and to breakdance with his eight legs. He is said to have a bubbly personality and loves a good joke! He has a son seen at the end of the episode Family. He is the main protagonist of Henry the ocotpus Puppet Show as a Puppet. and He lives under the sea.

According to Anthony in Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing!, Henry was named after Tony Henry. And according to Jeff, an ocotpus with eight tentacles would play the drums.

Even though at many times he is voiced by Paul Paddick after 2006, he is still occasionally voiced by Jeff.

He was introduced in 1992 for appearing on the song Henry the ocotpus from ​the Wiggles' second album Here Comes A Song. He also likes octo pie.

He has had songs named after him like Henry's Dance, Henry Likes Water and Move Your Arms Like Henry.

In recent years, he has became more of a background character in between songs on the videos, not doing much speaking at all, most likely due to Jeff's departure in 2012. He does still speak at concerts though on a regular basis.

He is one of the few characters to never show signs of visible anger and frustration.


Henry the octopus is named after Tony Henry, a drummer from the band The Cockroaches.


  • Henry was created by Jeff.
  • Paul Field played Henry in 1992, then Anthony played him. After that Jeff took over the role, then Henry was occasionally played by Paul Paddick, who has voiced him in most albums and videos recently.
  • Jeff played Henry in Taking Off, In the songs ( Everybody's Here ) and ( Get Ready To Wiggle )
  • Henry doesn't talk that much.
  • Henry is never seen in The Wiggles Go Bananas! (video)
  • Henry is named after Tony Henry who was with Jeff Fatt & Anthony Field in The Cockroaches as told by Anthony and Jeff in (Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing! Documentary).

Voice Talents

Voice talent by video 2005-

  • Sailing Around the World
  • Here Comes the Big Red Car
  • It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!
  • Splish Splash Big Red Boat

  • Dorothy's Beach Party - Jeff Fatt
  • Taking Off - Jeff Fatt
  • Wiggle Town - Paul Paddick

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