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A Bonus CD containing 4 tracks was included with the original UK DVD of Here Comes the Big Red Car, which was released on January 30, 2006. The re-release of the DVD, which comes in a handle case, does not contain this CD.


  1. Get Ready to Wiggle
  2. Monkey Dance
  3. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship
  4. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear


  • the Song credits that we're mentioned on the disc of the Here Comes the Big Red Car Bonus CD, but it only mentioned The Wiggles, but two of them we're written by Anthony's brother John. John's name wasn't mentioned in the Song credits on the disc, but it also didn't mention musicians and staff, because it came with the UK release of the Here Comes the Big Red Car DVD.
  • They reused 1 song from the Wiggle Time album, The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack, Toot Toot! and the US version of Yummy Yummy which they used the re-recorded version of The Monkey Dance.
  • This CD is based on the video.