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November 8, 1999

Previous album

St. Patrick's Day 10am

"Hey Let’s Go – The Best of the Cockroaches" was the last Cockroaches album.


  1. She's The One
  2. Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
  3. Something Good This Way Comes (New Track Recorded In 1999)
  4. Some Kind Of Girl
  5. Bit by Bit, Little by Little
  6. Do The Monkey
  7. I'll Die If I Don't Kiss You Tonight
  8. While We're Apart
  9. Wait Up (Live In Brisbane)
  10. You And Me
  11. You Can't Sit Down (Live)
  12. It's Another Saturday Night
  13. Good, Good, Good
  14. Drown In My Own Tears (Live In Brisbane)
  15. Permanently Single
  16. Hey What Now!
  17. I Must Have Been Blind
  18. Another Night Alone
  19. St. Patrick's Day 10am
  20. Hope
  21. Rely on Me
  22. Summer Again
  23. My Whole World Is Falling Down