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Hot Poppin' Popcorn

"Hot Poppin' Popcorn" is a Wiggles album which was released on the 6th of August, 2009. It features a song with Jamie Redfern.


  1. It's a Wiggly Circus
  2. Hot Poppin' Popcorn (Featuring Jamie Redfern)
  3. How Are We Gonna Wake Up Jeff?
  4. Circus Cyclists Cycling!
  5. Dorothy's Dance
  6. Doing A Handstand
  7. Juggling, Juggling, Juggling Balls
  8. The Ringmaster's Song
  9. Waltzing Matilda
  10. Murray's Guitar Saved The World
  11. High Up on the Trapeze
  12. Henry's Song
  13. Captain Feathersword's the Somersault King
  14. Anthony's Eating Again!
  15. Fly, Fly, Foodman
  16. Wave Your Ribbons In The Air
  17. Wags the Balancing Dog
  18. We're Watching the Clowns Fall Down
  19. Hot Poppin' Popcorn (Karaoke)




  • Mastering: Don Bartley
  • Composers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Sam Moran, John Field and Paul Paddick
  • Arrangers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field
  • Engineers: Alex Keller
  • Producers: Anthony Field
  • Artists: Sam Moran, Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt, and Jamie Redfern (Featured and Guest Artist)



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