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The Wiggles and Jamie Redfern singing "Hot Poppin' Popcorn"

"Hot Poppin' Popcorn" is a song about eating hot poppin' popcorn. It guest stars Jamie Redfern singing. It appears on the video of the same name .

Song Credits

Song Lyrics

So get your hot poppin' popcorn, poppin' hot popcorn.

Get it while it's hot corn, whoa.

Eat it while you watch corn hot poppin' popcorn.

Pop it and away you go.

Once it starts poppin', there's no way of stoppin'

That hot poppin' popcorn flow.

So eat your loving popcorn, hot poppin' popcorn.

Now it's on with the show.



The song in the credits of "Ant-man"

  • Ringo the Ringmaster sings this song in the Wiggles' concerts from 2009 to 2012.
  • The song is sung in a PG-13 movie: "Ant-Man".
  • A karaoke version of this song is released on the Hot Poppin' Popcorn album.