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I've always loved lying in bed listening to the rain on the roof. It makes me feel snug and secure. This song came from that feeling.
Murray Cook, writer of this song

"I Love It When It Rains" is a song first sung in Here Comes A Song and its interlude was heard in "Racing to the Rainbow."


Murray wrote this song after he had an idea of lying in bed listening to the rain on the roof at night.


Greg sings solo, Murray and Anthony plays the acoustic guitars, and Jeff plays the xylophone. A click is heard at 0:20 on "The rain beats on the window", probably from one of the guitars.

Song Credits

1992 Version

2003 Version

2017 Version


10 I Love It When It Rains


1992 Version

2003 Version

Taiwanese Version

2017 Version

Song Lyrics

I love it when it rains and I lie in bed at night

I listen to it patter on the roof soft and light

But then a storm may come and the thunder starts to crash

The rain beats on the window and I see the lightning flash.

I hold on teddy tight and sink down in my bed

I close my eyes so tight and pull the covers over my head

I feel so snug and warm; I know that everything's alright

I love when it rains as I lie in bed at night.

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