Joannie Works with One Hammer

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Joannie Works with One Hammer
Song by Greg Page
Album: Big Red Car (album)
Released: 1994
Episode: Lilly
Previous: I am a Dancer
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"Joannie Works With One Hammer" is a song about a girl hammering. The real song is Johnny Works With One Hammer.

Song Lyrics

Joannie works with one hammer
one hammer, one hammer
Joannie works with one hammer
then she works with two.

(The verses repeat and in each verse, the number is one higher than the previous. After five hammers, Instead of working with six hammers, "Then she falls to sleep.", and the song ends.)

1994 Yummy Yummy Transcript

Anthony: We're playing with clay. It's lots of fun playing with clay. It feels great. You can squish it in your hand. You can roll it. You can make things with clay. What have you made, Sofia?
Sofia: A cat.
Anthony: You made a cat? Wow. What about you, Anthony? What do you make?
kid Anthony: I'm gonna make a big rock that's only solid.
Anthony: A big rock that's only solid. That's great? What about you, Clare?
Clare: A person.
Anthony: A person. That's great! I'll tell you what else you can do with clay. You can (squashes clay on table) squash it like that or you can hammer too. It's great fun hammering. (hammers clay along with Sofia and male kid Anthony)


  • Lachy used to sing this song but now Simon does because he's the actual lead singer.

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