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The Lachy TV Show premiered on 5th September, 2016 at 8:25am on ABC Kids in Australia. It has since aired in Treehouse in Canada, but has yet to be made available in America (though the video of the same name containing select episodes is currently streaming on Hulu).

It is the second spinoff focused on only one Wiggle, after the previous year's Emma! TV show. It runs the same length of 3-4 minutes, though it consists of 4 less episodes, 26 total. Unlike Emma!, it contains no scenes of spoken dialogue, instead songs are used to transition from scene to scene (there are some short spoken parts during songs, but mostly remains singing-only). This is similar to the Wiggle Town! series, which also features singing exclusively.


  1. Train Time
  2. Koala Lullaby
  3. Jazz Dancing
  4. Prince Lachy
  5. A Fruity Day
  6. Dancing Chefs
  7. Wiggly Walk
  8. This Is How We Dance Ballet
  9. Play With Clay
  10. Lachy The Astronaut
  11. Dancing Nurses
  12. Beautiful Balloons
  13. Ponso The Pony
  14. Blue Line Dancing
  15. Build With Blocks
  16. Catch The Stars
  17. Sailor Ballet
  18. Juggling Jester
  19. Tap Dancing Time
  20. Finger Painting
  21. This Little Piggy
  22. Gee C'mon!
  23. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  24. Jolly Jig
  25. Super Lachy
  26. See The Sailors



  • The Emma and Lachy Show will tour NSW and QLD in January/February 2016.
  • Some of the sets were reused for The Wiggles' Dance Dance! DVD.


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