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Since Lachy is an inventor, he has invented lots of things. The inventions only succeed if Lachy is lucky enough. His inventions backfire a lot.

Superhero Rose


This invention is a rose. If you sniffed it, you would get superpowers.

Backfire: Emma and Anthony overheard Lachy and took the rose to the front porch making Lachy realize he hasn't tested it yet. Emma and Anthony sniff it and shrink to the size of kids instead of receiving superpowers.

Solution: The Other Wiggles go into the kitchen to work on a solution. But Emma and Anthony switch voices! But at least they're adult size again.

As Seen On: Lachy Shrinks the Wiggles!

Turn you into a duck drink


This invention is a special tea that if you drank, you would turn into a duck.

Backfire: While Lachy finds a safer container for the tea, Simon takes the tea and drinks it on the front porch.

Solution: Lachy gives Simon an antidote that should turn him back into a wiggle. He goes back outside to drink it. But when Simon comes back in, he is a fish!

As Seen On: Simon Goes Quackers

Hair wand


This is a wand that if waved over your head, you will get the hairstyle you want on your head.

Backfire: The Awake Wiggles come to Lachy and ask them for certain types of hairstyles. They get the hairstyles they want, but not on the right heads. Simon has the hair Emma wanted, Emma has the hair Simon wanted, and Anthony has hair like George Washington's.

Solution: Madame Bouffant and her assistant (Anthony's daughters) come and fix their hair back the way they had it before even knowing about the wand.

As Seen On: Hair Disaster!

Invisibility Cloak


This invention enabled Lachy to be invisible for awhile. He held the top of a rose above his head and squatted down to spook the Awake Wiggles.

Backfire: It wore off a lot faster than expected.

As Seen On: Invisible Lachy

Speed Umbrella


This is an umbrella that if you twirled while singing "Woo, Woo, Wiggly Woo!", your motion speed will increase.

As Seen On: Slow Motion Anthony

Superspeed Water Cloak


This invention shown is used to make everything super-speed such as cleaning up Wigglehouse.

Backfire: When Lachy sprays the cloak on the elves, it speeds up their aging until they're the size of football players.

As Seen On: Go Santa Go!

Lavender Mist


This invention is used for Lachy to transport to the Wiggles show.

As Seen On: Anthony Forgets (mention only), Lachy! (DVD)