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Leonardo Silvestrini is Anthony and Sofia's brother. They're both Anthony's nephews. Leonardo now does filming and editing on film and television.

About Leonardo Silvestrini

Gender: Male

Aged: (4-7)

Favorite Color: Sky Blue

Birthday: July 23, 1989

Family: Lives with his brother Anthony Silvestrini and his sister Sofia Silvestrini

Hobbies: Making Videos, Making Films, Making Televisions, and Dancing


Leonardo Silvestrini's outfits

  • a black shirt with black pants, with a white collar, with white buttons.
  • a navy blue shirt.
  • a white t-shirt with light blue jean short overalls.
  • a navy blue and white stripe shirt, and blue pants.
  • a white t-shirt, and blue jean shorts.
  • a elf costume.
  • a drummer boy costume.


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