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TV Series 3





Created by

The Wiggles

Directed by

Nicholas Buffalo

Original Network

ABC Kids

Opening Theme

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!

Original airdate

September 30 2002
(By the Beach)

Finale airdate

December 10 2002
(Finger Painting Fun)

Preceded by

TV Series 2

Followed by

TV Series 4 & 5

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! (also known as Network Wiggles) is the Wiggles' third TV series, first aired in late 2002.



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NOTE: This episode list is for the 11-minute versions.

  1. By the Beach 
  2. Swim Like a Fish
  3. Dressing Up 
  4. Move to the Music
  5. Farm Animals 
  6. Fishing Time! 
  7. We're Building! 
  8. Garden Fun
  9. Rhythms 
  10. Dancing Time! 
  11. Australian Animals 
  12. Cooking Pizza 
  13. Dancing Flowers 
  14. Maracas 
  15. Dancing with Wags 
  16. Australian Music 
  17. Hats 
  18. Out in the Bush 
  19. Captain Feathersword's Birthday 
  20. Games 
  21. Dorothy Visits the Art Gallery 
  22. Vegetable Soup 
  23. Water Play 
  24. Let's Build! 
  25. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga 
  26. By the Sea 
  27. Sound Stories 
  28. Nursery Rhymes 
  29. Dorothy Visits the Museum 
  30. Musical Stories 
  31. Sound Effects 
  32. Dancing and Coloring 
  33. High and Low 
  34. Bubble Paintings 
  35. Gym Time 
  36. Where's Jeff? 
  37. Reptiles 
  38. Fruit Salad 
  39. Ducks 
  40. Hot Potato
  41. Nature's Best 
  42. Squeak! 
  43. Clap Your Hands 
  44. Animal Fun 
  45. Dorothy Visits the Aquarium 
  46. Dinosaurs 
  47. Watching the Waves 
  48. Jobs 
  49. Kitchen Instruments
  50. Flowers 
  51. Romp Bomp A Stomp
  52. Finger Painting Fun 

Show Format

The format of the episodes have differed in many cases.

  • The original 11-minute versions of episodes were shown on the ABC, usually only featuring 2 songs, with a News and a Music With Murray scene for odd numbered episodes, and an Anthony's Workshop scene, a Captain's Magic Buttons scene, and a Where's Jeff? scene for even numbered ones.
  • An extended version that lasts 22 minutes that aired on Playhouse Disney in America and available on iTunes will have a Network Wiggles News scene, an Anthony's Workshop scene, a Captain's Magic Buttons scene, a Music With Murray scene, and a Where's Jeff? scene, with songs (usually 4), short skits, and Community Service Announcements in-between.



  • This is the first series to not include concert clips.
  • It is the only Wiggles TV series to date not to feature the song Fruit Salad.



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