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"Little Brown Ant" is a song from Here Comes A Song. It made its video debut in 2006's Splash, Splash Big Red Boat.

Song Credits


Australian Version


Greg: Little Brown Ant

Others: Little Brown Ant

Greg: Working so hard

Others: Working so hard

Greg: Making your nest

Others: Making your nest

Greg: In my backyard

Others: In my backyard

Greg: You got two antenna

Others: Two antenna

Greg: On your little brown head

Others: On your little brown head

Greg: How many legs you got?

Others: How many legs you got?

Greg: I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 legs.

(Instrumental break, then repeat)



02 Little Brown Ant

Video Performances

Album Appearance


The Wiggles - Little Brown Ant

The Wiggles - Little Brown Ant

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