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Little Sir Echo is a song from Wiggle House.

Song Credits


Wiggle House Version

The Little Wiggles Version

Song Lyrics

Lachy: Little Sir Echo, How Do you do?
Hello! (hello!) Hello! (hello!)
Little Sir Echo, How very blue.
Hello! (hello!) Hello! (hello!)

Chorus: Hello! (hello!) Hello! (hello!)
Won't you come over and play?
You're a nice little fellow,
I know by your voice.
But you're always so far away.

(Instrumental Break, Hellos are heard)

Little Sir Echo, You're very near.
Hello! (hello!) Hello! (hello!)
Little Sir Echo, You're very clear.
Hello! (hello!) Hello! (hello!)


Episode Performances


The Wiggles ~ Little Sir Echo01:37

The Wiggles ~ Little Sir Echo

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