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Lyn Moran and Sam.

Lyn Moran (born Lyn Stuckey) is Sam Moran's wife. She was born in 1978 in South Carolina to Italian-American parents. She began learning dance at the young age of four and was a Wiggly Dancer in 2003's Dorothy the Dinosaur show.

Lyn married Sam Moran, former yellow Wiggle, in October 2006, and she remained a Wiggly Dancer until late 2008. They met in 2003 while working together for the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show tour. Her most recent appearance as a Wiggly Dancer was in You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. Lyn and Sam Moran have one daughter named Eloise Isabella Moran. As of 2012, She is currently working at Learning Ventures in Pyrmont, NSW, Australia. She is also working at Snowglobe Productions.


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