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Mr. Wardrobe is a Wiggles song from Rock & Roll Preschool guest starring David Campbell.

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David: Hello Wiggles, I'm Mr. Wardrobe. You've asked for some costumes and I've got them.

(singing) I've got an outfit for you

Red, yellow, purple or blue

When the skies are gray

I'll throw some collie away

For I've got an outfit for you

What goes with blue? Let me think (Wiggles: Let me think)

Ah yes, some feathers colored pink (Colored pink)

Now what about you, red?

Something for your head

All: Now I've/you've got an outfit for you/us

David: Now what about you, yellow? Something bright (Wiggles: Something bright)

Throw in some orange, what a sight (What a sight)

That purple I've never seen

Mmm, try something green

All: Now I've/you've got an outfit for you/us

David: Don't thank me, Wiggles, I'll be here all day

Go out and show the world your bright colored way

All I ask for you is that you sing this catchy chorus

And sing "I'm Mr. Wardrobe!", then they will adore us

Sing it, Wiggles!

Wiggles: He's found an outfit for us

David: Oh-ho, yes I have.

Wiggles: Mr. Wardrobe, we look wondrous

David: Oh stop it, you silly sausages.

Wiggles: Turn the clouds away

David: Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Now it's a sunny day

We're as bright as a flower show in May

David: Two, three, four.

All: I/You have made you/us look wondrous

David: Now hang those clothes up when you've finished.

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