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Murray Had A Turtle is a song from Pop Go The Wiggles. It's adapted from "Miss Susie Had a Baby", and was later adapted to Miss Lucy Had a Ducky for Apples and Bananas.

Song Credits


Song Lyrics

Sam: Murray had a turtle

Murray: called him Tiny Tim

Sam: He put him in the bath tub

To see if he could swim.

He drank up all the water

Murray: Oh no!

Sam: He ate up all the soap

Murray: Uh-oh!

Sam: He tried to eat the bathtub

But it wouldn’t fit down his throat.

Murray called the doctor

Murray: Doctor!

Sam: The doctor called the nurse

Manzillas: The nurse called the lady with the polka dotted purse.

Sam: In walked the doctor

Murray: Hello, doctor.

Sam: In walked the nurse

Murray: Hi, nurse.

Manzillas: In walked the lady with the polka dotted purse.

Murray: Hello.

Jeff: Ooh

Sam: Said the doctor

Anthony: Ah

Sam: Said the nurse

Caterina: 'Fab'

Manzillas: Said the lady with the polka dotted purse.

Sam: Murray thanked the doctor

Murray: Thanks, Doc.

Sam: Murray thanked the nurse

Murray: Thanks, nurse.

Manzillas: Murray thanked the lady with the polka dotted purse.

Murray: Thanks, ma'am.


  • Dominic Lindsay's name isn't credited in the DVD version of the song credits.
  • An instrumental track for this song is played over the credits of the Pop Go The Wiggles DVD.

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