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"My New Shoes" is a song from the Big Red Car album from 1995.


Music (1995 Version)

  • Pop

Music (2006 Instrumental)

  • Pop


After he got new shoes from a department store, Greg suddenly got an idea of writing this song down.



Murray, Jeff, and Anthony wrote the music, and Greg wrote the lyrics.

Recording (1995 Version)

Greg does the vocals, Murray plays the bass, and Jeff plays the accordion.

Recording (2006 Instrumental)

Song Credits

1995 Version

2006 Instrumental

  • Music: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field
  • Arrangement: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Publisher: Wiggly Tunes


1995 Version

2006 Instrumental

  • Bass: Murray Cook
  • Accordion: Jeff Fatt
  • Tin Whistle: Anthony Field


23 My New Shoes


Greg: I'm wearing new shoes on my feet.

Yes, I'm wearing new shoes walking down the street.

Singing hi-di-diddly-di, low dow-diddly-do

With a hop and a flap and a jump and a clap and off I go.

(Instrumental break)

Greg: I've got my new shoes on and off I go walking down the street. See you later.

Video Performances

Album Appearance


  • The song was written in 1995.


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