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"My New Shoes" is a song from the Big Red Car album from 1995.

Song Credits

1995 Version

2006 Instrumental

  • Music and Arrangement: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
  • Musical Arrangements: The Wiggles, Dominic Lindsay
  • Producer: Anthony Field
  • Engineer and Mixer: Alex Keller
  • Recording Location: Tiger Sound
  • Publisher: Wiggly Tunes


1995 Version

2006 Instrumental

  • Bass: Murray Cook
  • Accordion: Jeff Fatt
  • Tin Whistle: Anthony Field


23 My New Shoes


Greg: I'm wearing new shoes on my feet.

Yes, I'm wearing new shoes walking down the street.

Singing hi-di-diddly-di, low dow-diddly-do

With a hop and a flap and a jump and a clap and off I go.

(Instrumental break)

Greg: I've got my new shoes on and off I go walking down the street. See you later.

Video Performances

Album Appearance


  • The song was written in 1995.


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