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“Nodding Dance!”
Series 5, Episode 15
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Nodding Dance! is an episode of Series 5. It premiered on Playhouse Disney on March 23, 2007. Even though this is episode 15, on the list of the episode list of the dates Disney premiered it, this was episode 6 and marks the first appearance of the Mandarin Wiggles indeed.


Anthony showcases the letter n by doing a nodding dance. Greg performs his making milk disappear trick. Anthony has his version of that too. The Mandarin Wiggles sing for the first time in Wiggly Animation. The Wiggly Concert features a new variation of the Wiggly Medley. Little Jeff is energetic from a good night's sleep but the awake Wiggles are not so alert.

Song List

  1. Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)
  2. Milky, Milky, Milky, Yummy Smooth and Silky
  3. Henry's Underwater Big Band - (Mandarin Wiggles)
  4. Wave To Wags
  5. The Wiggly Owl Medley - (Wiggly Concert)
  6. C'est Wags, C'est Bon - (Wiggly Animation)

Alternate titles

  • Greg's Magic Show (Playhouse Disney title)


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