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"Officer Beaples" is a policewoman that has had various roles in Wiggles videos, TV shows and concerts. She is a supporting character in all the series.


  • She has been confirmed as female, despite her credits in Wiggledance! Live in Concert and The Wiggles Movie ("Policeperson" and "Policeman"), because of the line in Let's Go! We're Riding in the Big Red Car "We'll all be waving to her too."
  • She first debuted in 1996 in Wiggledance! Live in Concert, not under the name Officer Beaples, but under the "Policeperson" seen in the Dorothy the Dinosaur song.
  • There is a song she dances to called Officer Beaples' Dance.
  • Leanne Halloran was the most well-known performer for Officer Beaples, playing the role from 1996-2000. In 2005, Katherine Patrick played Officer Beaples, and in 2013, Caterina Mete took on the role.
  • Apart from her appearance in The Wiggles Movie, she never talks. She speaks by gestures and whistles.
  • She was more of a main character around 1998-2000.
  • Every so often She has been seen with a Mustache. She first wore a thin mustache in some early appearances, such as in the Movie and first TV Series. As of 2014, it returned, and it is much bigger.
  • She was officially given the name "Officer Beaples" in TV Series 1.
  • In the Taiwanese video Lights, Camera, Action! Officer Beaples is portrayed by a black actress.
  • The black shoes she wears look just like Mickey Mouse's shoes.



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