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Sam singing "Over in the Meadow"

Over in the Meadow is a song from Sing a Song of Wiggles.

Song Credits


  • Vocals: Sam Moran
  • Piano: Dominic Lindsay
  • Bass Guitar: Murray Cook
  • Mandolin: Murray Cook
  • Other Guitar Work: Murray Cook
  • Drums: Anthony Howe

Song Lyrics

Over in the meadow
In a pond in the sun,
Lived an old mother duck
And her little duck one,
“Quack!” said the mother,
“Quack!” said the one,
And they quacked and were happy
In the pond in the sun. Over in the meadow
In a stream so blue,
Lived an old mother fish
And her little fish two,
“Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop!” said the mother,
“Bloop, bloop!” said the two,
And they swam and were happy
In the stream so blue. Over in the meadow
In a nest in the tree,
Lived an old mother bird
And her birdies three,
“Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!” said the mother
“Tweet, tweet, tweet!” said the three,
And they sang and were happy
In the nest in the tree. Over in the meadow
On a rock by the shore,
Lived and old mother frog
And her little frogs four,
“Ribbit!” said the mother,
“Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!” said the four,
And they croaked and were happy
On the rock by the shore. Over in the meadow,
In a big beehive,
Lived and old mother bee
And little bees five,
“Bzzzup!” said the mother,
“Bzz, bzz, bzz, bzz, bzz!” said the five,
And the buzzed and were happy
In the big beehive.

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  • An instrumental track of this song is played over the credits of the Sing a Song of Wiggles DVD.